Monday, October 10, 2011

Daily Challenge: be DIFFERENT!

I was having a conversation with one of my friends about how she was losing faith in humanity. I will be honest, there have been months, and years even that i have been in her boat.
It’s hard NOT to get wrapped up in how many icky people there are on this planet.
People aren’t perfect. Things don’t go the way we planned. There are so many things tearing us away from the path we are trying to head in.
For this reason alone, i find it SO VERY important to post on this blog, and just be a ‘different’ person in general. I want to be the light, the breathe of fresh air, i want to be d i f f e r e n t.
I realize this is a hefty goal; nobody is perfect, and nobody is happy all the time. And focusing on being that for the [entire] world could potentially seem unobtainable, but  i will tell you..
Every moment counts. Every nice thing you say counts. There is a bright side; and we are all  l i v i n g  in it. We just need to train our mentalities to THINK this way. To FEEL how thankful we are, even when it’s so very hard to feel that way.
I hope those of you who have lost faith in humanity will meet someone who can show you the bright side of life.
There is always, ALWAYS a bright side.
It’s just sometimes  hidden behind the clouds.

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