Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This drawing is especially close to my heart.

I have blogged here and there on my Cherry Runway blog about my struggles with depression and anxiety.

I have battled depression since i was a young child, but I never researched medicines until i had a very VERY bad break down in early 2011. On Valentines Day of that year i told myself 'i love you!' by  finally seeking proper help for my anxiety. I quit my job that made me cry everyday [on top of the crying i was doing anyways] and went to a doctor who prescribed me some medications.

Now... I'm not HUGE advocate on taking medicines; I feel that a lot of people misuse them. BUT i can't tell you what a LIFE changing experience it has been; just by taking a few little white circles.

Recently, my life has taken a very happy turn. I'm in a much happier place in life, and things seem to be falling more into place. Since moving to NY, i've decided to ween myself off these medicine, and it's been extreamly hard. :/ 

Right now i can't tell if i'm just having a bad week, or if going off the medication was a bad idea. ...my doctor is in Florida and i can't afford to go to a doctor here, and it's been kind of stressful.

[stress = anxiety]
[doesn't help]

BUT regardless of all of these things. Regardless of staying on the medicines, going off them, or needing NEW ones... I'm here to tell you this;

Whether you think so or not.
You have been though a lot, BUT you will get through it.
I have faith in YOU.
This is truth.
I hope you're having a lovely day friends,

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  1. Jen - I admire your openness and honesty.

    I have been taking meds for depression and anxiety for close to 5 years. After about a year of taking them, I attempted to wean myself off of them, but quickly found myself back in my "black hole." Don't beat yourself up if you have to continue taking the meds. I find that they make me more "me"!

    Hang in there lady!