Saturday, September 24, 2011

Be Still [and] Listen.

This is hard isn’t it?
Listening is a technique i TRULY had to teach myself almost 5 years ago. I never realized what an art form it really is; how much JUST LISTENING could really change lives.
Over the past five years, i have grown into this person who strangers and friends alike can really rely on to listen to them, and give them honest feedback. It’s an attribute i am really proud i own.
When was the last time you REALLY REALLY listened to someone you loved.
  • Someone who needed a friend?
  • A listening ear?
I challenge you to call someone… ask them about how THEY are doing…and TRULY listen to them kindheartedly. It might just change both of your lives.

Smiles to you DEAR friends,
Jenipher :)

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